Come sing with us!

Fall session starts Wed/Thurs Sep 14/15!

An invitation for you!

(Fast-forward to 1:15 in the video below to hear the song.)


Fall Session of TC Sings!

Sep 2016 – Jan 2017

Love to sing, even if it’s only in the shower? Come experience the joy of singing with others in a fun, relaxed, and accepting atmosphere. TC Sings! is an inclusive choir community, welcoming all voices and all people, singing songs from a variety of world cultures and traditions in three- and four-part harmony. Everything is taught orally; there is no need to read music, and no previous singing experience is required.

Two sessions are offered this fall, both at the Grand Traverse Circuit, 225 W 14th Street in Traverse City:

TC Sings! High Noon    Wednesdays     12 – 2 pm      Sep 14 – Jan 18

TC Sings! Evening     Thursdays    6:30 – 8:30 pm       Sep 15 – Jan 19

Both sessions will cover the same material. Choose daytime or evening, or come to both. The choirs will join together for a Big Sing benefit and celebration to share music with family and friends on January 22. Donations from the Big Sing will go to Northwest Community Action Agency, helping those in need in our community through Meals on Wheels, Head Start, and much more. Have fun singing and help our community at the same time!

Click here to register now!    Early-bird discount prior to September 8!

TC Sings! is a member of the Ubuntu Choirs Network, which seeks to create a world in which we listen deeply to those around us, celebrate diversity, trust in our voices, and bring them forward on behalf of harmony, justice, and peace. “Ubuntu” is a Zulu word which expresses the concept “I am because you are;” we are connected to and must look out for one another.

Singing is our birthright; all voices are welcome. TC Sings! is a choir for men and women who are new to singing, as well as those who’ve been singing their whole lives. We are not affiliated with any particular religion or spiritual path, but seek to celebrate humanity’s highest aspirations through music.

Founder and director Heather Kingham is a graduate of the Community Choir Leadership Training in Victoria, British Columbia. Heather is dedicated to putting a song into the heart of every interested person in the Grand Traverse area.

11 Responses to Come sing with us!

  1. Marion Van Namen says:

    Hi Heather, Love it. This choir is going to do so well. Am so excited to witness the birth of TC Sings. Congratulations!!! Wish I could be there with a bottle of champagne next week! Love, Marion

  2. Fred Utting says:

    I’m in ! Put me down at a tenor.

  3. Grace Willow says:

    Ill be there with bells on! Thanks for t opportunity!

  4. Nan says:

    Just what I’ve been looking for, a choir that connects spirit. Driving 90 miles to be there! Thank you.

  5. Dawn says:

    Is this just for adults?

    • admin says:

      Hi Dawn,

      The choir is geared toward adults at this time, but mature teens who are interested in participating would also be welcome. At some point I hope to add a “family choir” that would include music geared specifically toward kids.

      Thanks for your interest,

  6. Denyse Everett says:

    I think this sounds like a wonderful opportunity for folks who enjoy singing together. I’m not sure I can be there tonight for practice, but hopefully next Thursday. I will try for tonight though. Thanks you for organizing this group. I have been singing in a number of different church groups and a few years with the NMC Community Choir. I have been in Traverse City for almost 40 years-just shy of “being a native”…..but my youngest son is
    a native! Is there a specific age limit for this musical group?

    • admin says:

      Hi Denyse,

      Great talking with you this morning…I wanted to respond to the age question. We do not have an age limit for our group. Certainly there is no upper limit…as far as a lower limit, the group is geared toward adults, but mature teens would also be fine if they are interested in participating.

      Look forward to singing with you!

  7. Patricia Hoekje says:

    I am planning on coming. I hope to be there next week! It was great running into you Heather at the concert at Inside Out Gallery.

    • admin says:

      Hi Pat! Great running into you! So glad you are coming to sing. One very important note: we are not meeting next week, the week of TCAPS spring break, so no choir March 27 nor March 28. We will resume Wednesday, April 3 at High Noon and Thursday, April 4 at 7 p.m.

      Looking forward to singing with you!!

  8. Nan says:

    I participated in the spring session. It was the most satisfying fulfilling experience! Joyful, playtime. heather is a gem!Come join us.
    (We will be meeting for 2hr sessions) the time just flies!

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